Passionate about electronic objects, bizarre fashion and twisted guitar riffs, the group We are Enfant Terrible, created at the end of 2008, is an exalted masculine feminine trio. Their first album, released in April 2011 on Last Gang, a Chromeo, Metric and Crystal Castles label, allowed them to travel the globe, from Toronto to Shanghai, from Austin to Moscow, from Carhaix to Roubaix. From punk squats to opening acts for famous artists (Peaches, the Ting Tings, Vitalic), We are Enfant Terrible has earned a solid reputation both live and in the studio. Of them, Aurélie Sfez of France Inter will say: ‘The group offers us music as clear as it is dirty, as festive as it is gloomy, video game sounds, cracra saturations, a sexy and filtered voice. They are young and wild, filled with joy and sadness. It’s the energy of despair, the day after a party when you don’t quite know who or what bed you ended up in. They are like a good betaine citrate, effervescent against hangovers. Their songs are a reflection of their childhood spent playing Pacman or Super Mario, the dark and heady scent of a society of human-machines. They are the heirs to the clubs and music of New Order. It’s the ambiguity of cute sounds, worked and cheap at the same time. A sexuality that emerges from their simpering.”

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