On Nikki Yanofsky’s latest album Turn Down The Sound, the Montreal-based artist comes full circle on an ambition she’s been angling towards for years: perfecting the ability to believe in and act on her own creative intuition. Guided by the knowledge that the best of the best at their craft are never done learning, Yanofsky’s ambitions have shifted. On Turn Down The Sound, she likens herself to the idiom of an outlier in a field of invariability, and has given herself the room and permission to sculpt an updated vision for her sound. Turn Down The Sound finds Yanofsky tailoring a new self-made coat, where the impact of an esteemed group of mentors has resulted in the tenacity and aptitude to try on an amalgamation of genres, and find each one fit exceptionally well. Inspired by the desire to make ageless, timeless music, the unmistakable dynamism of her voice is the anchor of an album that’s both intricately crafted and wildly curious. The album enthusiastically rejects a single stylistic pillar. Throughout the album, she blends the confidence of bright 80s funk, with the rapt attention to detail of silky 90s R&B (“Bubbles,” “Nerve,” Turn Down Sound”). Elsewhere, lush, kaleidoscopic melodies nod to the height of ultra sleek sophisti-pop (“Sunshine,” ”Throwing Stones,” “Loner”).

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